Friday, December 7, 2012

Blog Post #15 FInal Reflection

Project 13

For our smartboard project we used multiple tools to communicate with each other. At first, we texted. We gathered each others phone numbers and texted about our project. Once we gahered up enough information, we began to work on our project. I think that we did a very good job of using technology in our everyday connection with each other. Once we started our project, we all got online and created a presentation on Google presentation and began chatting and editing our presentation through that way. Without meeting face to face, we accomplished lots of things to do our project.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

C4T #4

C4T #4
My teacher this week was David Wees. The blog post that I commented on was named "Connective Leadership." It was a slideshow explaining how technology is changing leadership. He explained how technology is changing and how people who know technology and those who don't. He said that the difference will change into not learning. Meaning, if you know technology you will learn, if you don't then you might not. I agree with this. Technology is becoming a huge part of education. If you fall behind, or don't care to learn it, then you might fall behind. I really enjoyed this slideshow.

C4K #9

C4K #9
This week the student I was assigned to was Alyssa R. She is in Mr. Seliskar's 4th grade class. This past week she had her birthday. She told us all of the wonderful birthday events that she had. One item that she received was a doll. She was so excited about her doll. It was her favorite birthday gift. I am so happy that Alyssa had a great birthday.
C4K #10
This week my student displayed awesome badges. They are from the French Revolution. She displayed awesome grammar and the badges looked really cool. I like how interested in these badges she was. I admire these students for being so intrigued with all of this information.
merit badges

Smartboard Instruction Part 2

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post #12

                                                                Blog Post #12
      This weeks blog post was on our own. I wanted to find a webpage that shows how technology is used in the classroom. Watching the Skype conversation between Ms. Cassidy and Dr. Strange the other day got me thinking. Ms. Cassidy said that technology was used in P.E in several ways. I wanted to explore those ways for myself. On the page "Technology brings new P.E. to schools," I learned how over 10,000 schools have added numerous technological additives to the classroom. Heart monitors, wristwatches, as well as target zones have been put in schools. There have also been games such as Dance Dance Revolution, and WII Fit into the classroom. Teachers say it motivates students and intrigues them to actually participate and workout in class. I love this idea. I want to be an inspiring teacher, that means doing whatever it takes to get the student's up and going. I really enjoyed this post. I encourage all P.E. teachers who want to motivate their students a little more to read.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy
Ms. Cassidy has shown me a lot. During her Skype conversation with Dr. Strange, she really caught my attention. The fact that Ms. Cassidy has been in technology ten years blew my mind. I was sad to see that her administer wasn't so supportive of her technology work though. I like that she sends permission slips home with the students on the first week of school for parents to know that her students will be using technology. I think that it's very important for parents t be involved with their children's work. Thats one reason why I like the blogging in classrooms so much, so parents can see their children's classwork. I was interested to learn that blog's give children inspiration through the audience that they see them. 
One technique I would use in my classroom that Ms.Cassidy uses is page views on her students blog. It is very good to me to know that students gets so excited by seeing how many people view and read their blogs. They know that people from around the world see their blog, which makes them stay focused. I love that Ms.Cassidy used Wiki. I never heard of that before watching her video. I think thats an amazing too. I also like that she Skype's with classrooms across the world. I often use Skype to connect with friends in different states. It is very good to know that there are other classes around the world that are doing the same thing that they are. Just so they are not alone. I like that she agrees that teachers should be technologically literate. Students these days are using technology more and more, and in order to keep up with them, you must do the same. I find it interesting that Ms. Cassidy doesn't use technology in her personal life.   
I like that they discuss Twitter. At first, I was skeptical about Twitter myself. I didn't have a Twitter until this class. I have grown to love it. Overtime, following people gives out great information. It definitely helps with your PLN. Twitter can help by new teachers. Following other teachers, who have taught a long time, can give you ideas of things to do in your classroom. 
I feel her first grade students are very intelligent. She blogs with her students once a week. I find that very helpful. Ms.Cassidy has shown me a lot and informed me on more than I thought she would. This definitely has shown me a new perspective. I like how she brought up how to use blogs in Physical Education. I am going to be a P.E teacher, and I was thinking the same thing. By posting practice times, test rimes, days to change out or not, or simply class times, can help in that way. 
I enjoyed this Skype conversation. This has helped me a lot. If anyone has questions on blogging, or second thoughts, you should definitely watch this. 

C4K #7, 8

C4T #7
This week my teacher was in Ireland. The post I had to comment on was simply a bag of chips. Sour cream and onion to be exact. In Ireland, they call chips crisps. Pretty interesting to know. I hope they have a blast in Ireland. It is a beautiful site to see.
C4K #8
This week my student was Jazmyn. She lives in Alberta, Canada. She posted about how last night was Halloween and that she sorted lots of candy. She said she ended up with more chocolate bars than anything. She sounds like a very fun girl to be around. I told her that I loved candy and that I hoped she had an amazing Halloween.


C4K #4
In This weeks C4K, my student was Sarah. She is a very intelligent student. She posted this week on online classes. Sarah is a very outgoing person. She said she usually raises her hand first in class. Sarah also has to take an onlune class now. She stated how difficult it was for her to adjust. She said she was shy and nervous to post anything, and that she would re-read her posts over and over again to make sure she wasn't wrong. After a while, Sarah said the online class grew on her. She now has a better understanding. She said that it has made her grow as a student and learn to think before she speaks. Her post is very well written. Feel free to check out Sarah's post.
My comment to Sarah's post
I loved reading her post. As I told her, I was complete opposite as she is. I hated raising my hand in class, and I was very timid and shy to seak any answers outloud. I admire her for that. I had my first online class in college. I enjoyed it for the reasond that Sarah disliked it. But, it now gives me a better understanding to why there are so many people who don't like them. I encouraged her that they will get better. I'm so proud of Sarah for growing as a person and student because of this class. I enjoyed her post a lot.

C4K #5
This week, my C4K was really short. The student did a guessing game. He gave hints about the singer, and asked who we thought he may could be. It was a neat little mind thinking game. If you would like to check out Juan's game you can go to his link. My comment to Juan's game
I liked the guessing game. It gets the mind going. Even though this was a small post, I liked the effort put into it. Great to get people from all over to get involved!
C4K #6
My student this week was Coleman. The post I read was about him. I learned that his favorite person in this world is his mother. I learned that Coleman's favorite song is "Fly Over States." When Coleman grows up, he wants to be a doctor. I think thats amazing for him to want to be that. He sounds like an awesome, fun, loving boy. IF you want to know more about Coleman, you can visit his blog.
My comment to Coleman's Blog
I enjoyed reading about Coleman. My favorite person is my mom also, so thats nice to know that we have that in common. I enjoyed reading about what Coleman likes to watch. His favorite show is "MY Big Fat Redneck Vacation", I love that show.

C4K #3

Courtney's Post
This week, my students name was Courtney. She is having a hard time adjusting to high school. She is making new friends, and playing volleyball, but it's still difficult for her to getting around the bossy people. She said she loves volleyball. That it is her escape. She did say that high school is much better than elementary school. If you would like to read her blog, feel free. Courtney's blog.
My Comment on Courtney's Blog
I can relate to Courtney in many ways. I played softball all throughout school. And it got me a college scholarship. I am so glad that she enjoys it, because it can get her so far! I also know how it feels to have people boss you around, and you may not like it. I was in the military, so I had many people boss me around. I enjoyed her post a lot and i wish the best for her.

C4T #3

C4T #3
This week, my teacher was Mr. Cosby. He didn't exactly post a long post, he posted a video. It was a video of pilot taking off and landing in Nevada. It was amazing! It was in Washoe Lake. I am a huge vaction taker, so to see the sight in this post was amazing. It definitly made me ass Nevada to my places to see. I loved every minuite of ot. I highly encourge anoyone who seeks adventure, or who enjoys sights to check this video out!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Project #14

Special Assignment

                                                                           USA Today

       In the USA Today article "A World Where Grades Will Be Left Behind", a professor named Sebastian Thrun is beginning a new way of teaching. He believes in no grades, no one will be late, as well as doing games to teach. Thrun believes that the whole world shouldn't fail. He stated that making grades is a failure to the system. He stated that in his style of education students can take as much time as they need on an assignment.

      Thrun also doesn't charge for education. He said that some fees are needed as to related services though. His class may include thousands of people, but he says there will be no more one size fits all classrooms. I think this is an amazing way to teach. He is setting an amazing example for people all over the world. Thrun is making people succeed. So many people fear education these days because they are scared to fail. With this type of education, there is no failure. That boosts students confidence as well as pushes them to further their education. This is also very inspiring. I advise anyone who is scared of education to seriously look into this. It would be very helpful.

no failure school

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blog Post #10

                                                                 John T. Spencer

     I think this cartoon is explaining how the difference in the quality, and assurance. I think Mr. Spencer is saying that pencils are useful in the classrooms, but technology is needed as well. Just because something is less expensive doesn't mean it is the best. The paper mate pencil may be useful for a while, but eventually it runs out. It may not be enough for a long while. While the other expensive item will last a long time.
playing games

                                              Why were your kids playing games?

        I liked reading Mr. Spencer's blog post "Why Were Your Kids Playing Games." I think this is a great example of how teachers get frowned upon. the teacher was simply trying to make this lesson fun. Teachers are expected to go by guidelines that are step by step. The principle simply didn't understand why the teacher did what Mr.Spencer was trying to do. Teaching should be fun. Teaching students shouldn't always be so strict and step-by-step. Students need to stay interested in what is going on in the classroom, if they get bored, they will not listen as well. I see Mr. Spencer's side completely. He was just trying to grasp the students attention while teaching them the lesson. I see where the principle may run a strict school and may want his teachers to be on a strict schedule, but at the same time he has to see where Mr. Spencer was bringing out creativity as well as fun into his lesson.

                                      Dont teach your kids this stuff, please?
      I have to admit that when I first started reading this post I was getting upset. After a few minutes, I seen the sarcasm. I liked the point that Dr.McLeod made. Its funny to me how people these days do not see the advances that technology brings to education. In Dr.Mcleod's post, he definitely expressed his feelings on the situation. Today, technology in classrooms makes for a smarter, easier, and more efficient learning environment. Students are learning more and more through technology. It keeps them interested and stable. I enjoyed reading this post. I feel many people out there who believe that technology in the classroom isn't good, should definitely read this post. Thank you Dr.McLeod.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project 12

Blog Post #9


                                                                   Blog Post #9
    In Mr.McClung's "What I've Learned This Year- Volume 4", Mr. Clung talked about two separate things that I liked. He said as a teacher, you must challenge yourself. He stated that if you get bored, or comfortable with your job, how is that making it better for you or the students? I totally agree with that. After doing something for so long, it becomes very easy to become comfortable with yourself in doing whatever it is. As a teacher, if you become comfortable with your job, you tend to get lazy. If you get lazy, you don’t put in as much effort as you could to do the right thing and push your students. Your students see that written all over you. I love this concept that he pointed out.

    The other thing that Mr.McClung said in this blog was to "Dance with Who You Brought to the Dance." This means to no worry so much on what your peers view you as a teacher. He was so worried what others thought about him, that he wasn't focused on actual teaching himself. This is great to keep in mind for me when I become a teacher. I loved this attitude.

    The second blog I read was his "What Ive Learned -2011." I liked how he said to not be afraid to be an outsider. It's ok to be different than other teachers. Don't try to be like everyone else. I love this. This is going to help me too. It's so hard to not fall into being the "typical teacher." I want to be a inspiring teacher. I want to eat lunch with my students and not be scared to be someone they can talk too.
     Overall, I really enjoyed reading these posts. It makes me think a lot on how I can be a better teacher. How I don’t have to be afraid to be someone different in the classroom.

Project #10

   The website I used to start up my PLN is Symbaloo. It was real easy to setup. I use Twitter, as well as YouTube the most. I had no difficulties getting it up and running. Its really easy. I enjoy using it a lot. I put a picture of my PLN account on here for everyone to see. If you would like to use Symbaloo to get your PLN started, just click on the link! It will take you right to it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Post #8

Richard E. Miller
               Richard E. Miller’s video on “This is How We Dream”, is an extraordinary explanation of the future of technology. In this video, Miller explains the difference between incremental learning, and fundamental learning. He talks about how beautiful the future of writing with technology will be. Some of this I can already see in the education system already. Though some of it, I have to question.

          Miller explains a lot on incremental learning. He talks on how things have changed. Now, students are working more on a laptop or computer instead of paper. There are lectures, documents, and word process available. Miller explains how the desktop lives a dual life. Collaborating work was my favorite part of this lecture, as well as the part I can question. I love the fact that in education now, students can do power points, blogging, as well as making videos to do projects.

           But I often wonder if this gives away too much. Students can get any information offline, so what does this teach them? I agree with Miller when he talks about the beauty of the future of learning. I see how the development in technology has helped many teachers. I see how it can make my job, as a biology teacher, a lot more interesting and motivating. I enjoyed this interesting video.
                                                       Carly Pugh
           This video brought me to tears. Not only does it make you think about being a person, it makes you think about life. I see exactly why she did it. This works with Dr. Miller exquisitely. It’s about the power of the future. Its about inspiration and motivation. I’m still crying. It’s really an eye opener. I urge anyone, and everyone to watch it. Carly Pugh Video.

                                         Learn to Change, Change to learn
          I completely agree with the arguments in this video when they talk about how much technology is needed more in the classroom. I like when they say that jobs these days do not require the same right or wrong answers. You have to know how to problem solve, and collaborate. There are many challenges in the school system. They will be many more to come. Students these days are not in the same mind set as 20 years ago. Times have changed, people have changed. Therefore, students are keeping up with the changes. As teachers, we must learn to listen to them and hear what they say. I like this video a lot. Really makes you think about how you want to teach. Learn to Change, Change to Learn.
                                                                       Web 2.0
This assignment was given to us by a former classmate. We were told to do a multiple step process. The first assignment was to find something similar to facebook. I picked Ning. Ning offers a variety of things that could help me in the classroom! It uses social integration, forums, and you can organize events instantly. That’s my favorite part. I can be in my classroom, and put together a multiple event for my students. This is a great opportunity and I will definitely use this in the future.

The next assignment was to create a comic strip. I used Make Beliefs Comix. This is a cool way for students to express themselves. I made a comic on how hectic life can get, but to keep your head high! But feel free to go make your own!!! Here is my comic.

My third assignment was to post a poll. I used “Poll Everywhere”. Polls are good for getting students involved with the community outside of school, to get votes, and to learn more about people that surround them. I am going to be a biology teacher, so the poll I did was to see how many students preferred biology over other subjects. Feel free to go on my poll and vote for your favorite sunject. Even though we all know its Biology! <br />

biology teacher

C4T #2

                                                         Ben Jones Post
       This week, my teacher was Ben Jones. He had an interesting link on Wile E. Coyote, and Road Runner. In this post he explained the differences between the two. Road Runner had way more goals, and he was more related to students. He also stated how he wanted more students to be Road Runners this year. It was a great leadership blog. I throughly enjoyed it.

My comment to Ben Jones Post
         I really liked how Ben Jones put up an example to the students through this post. He really showed the difference in the two. Most students these days tend to be more like the Coyote. They want to just go through short cuts and get it done really fast instead of taking their time and looking towards the future. I think more students can learn from this. I will be sharing.
                                                        Annie Palmers's Post
         I really enjoyed the post that the teacher I was assigned to this week left. I also want to start off by encouraging any elementary education teachers to read as well. This week, Annie Palmer discussed her outlook on free voluntary reading in the classroom. She splits her classroom up into two 30 minute sessions. During the first 30 minutes, Annie teaches a whole group lesson. During the next 30 minutes, Annie splits her classroom into two separate groups to do small group teaching with her, and an independent reading lesson. I think this is very valuable to the children. She was a 5th grade teacher who moved to third grade after eight years. You must have to think; hard to make sure they are all doing it right? Well, the technique Annie uses to keep up with the students progress is great! She makes the students keep a readers notebook, book pins, reading responses, as well as a goal to read 40 books by the end of the year. Its very good ideas for anyone interested in teaching reading also. If you would like to read it you can check it out at her link.

My comment to Annie's post
         I really enjoyed Annie's post this week. It inspires me to inspire others through her work. I liked how she set a goal for her students. I think that students like a challenge. It makes the classroom fun, and makes students want to read to get compliments. I can only imagine how difficult it was for Annie to go from teaching eight years of 5th grade, then turn around and do the same for 3rd graders. I admire her. Overall, great post.
reading corner in classroom

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blog Post #7

                                     Wendy Drexler: The Networked Student

        In Wendy Drexler’s video named “The Networked Student”, many different things are discussed. This video talks about a 21st Century high school student. He attends class 3 days a week, which 2 are online. There are no books, and the teacher doesn’t lecture. She wants her student to learn connective learning. She wants her students to take control of learning.

       I really like this style of learning I enjoy how the student has to search blogs around the world. I also like how it builds knowledge base for the student. This day in time, technology is becoming more and more affiliated into education. I like how in the video the 21st century student has an MP3 player that is used for many things. He can communicate with people all around the world, not just listen to music. He listens to lectures on his topic. That’s awesome.

      I only have one negative response to this type of teaching. What were to happen if the student forgot to do an assignment? Or, what would happen if the student broke their MP3 player or computer? I like this style of teaching; it just makes me question a few things. I also see how some people would ask why the teacher is needed. I am glad that she is there for support and guidance though. Overall, I see both sides of this situation. Very interesting video to me.

                                                            7th Graders PLE
       In the video about a 7th grader PLE, She talks about her personal learning environment in detail. I like the way she learns. Her PLE and my PLN are the same within the blog. I like the way she asked for tips from a scientist across the world. This is a very good learning environment. This educates a person in many ways. This video is very interesting. Check it out!
wendy drexler

Monday, October 8, 2012

Blog Post #6

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving your childhood dreams
        The title itself gives me chills. This man has changed my attitude completely. I loved the fact that in the beginning he says “I don’t want to talk about cancer.” I think that anyone who is having any struggles should watch this. He made amazing points in this video that can help anyone who wants to be a teacher, to do better. He is so positive and believes that the only way to live is to achieve your goals.
      He talked about fundamentals. I totally agree. In order to achieve any goal, you must first learn fundamentals. That includes being a teacher. In order to be an amazing teacher, you have to learn from others. It’s more than just teaching. It’s learning from your mentors. This brings me to my first point. As a teacher, you can’t let the students run over you. As Pausch said in his video, “when someone who is teaching you starts to ignore you, that’s when you should worry.” That’s exactly right. I played sports growing up and my father was my coach. He never gave up, because he wanted me to strive to the best. As a teacher, no matter how frustrated I may get, or how much a student wants to give up, we as teachers can not stop mentoring.
        Once a student sees a teacher give up, they begin to give up on themselves. And as Pausch says, “Its leadership.” Teachers are leaders for students. I liked how Pausch said that we all should become professors. He explained it as it’s because we can have our cake, and eat it too. He is exactly right. We get to teach. We get to inspire. We get to lead. That’s what is it about. Teachers are not here just to get in front of a classroom and talk, they are here to gather student’s attention and inspire them. Randy does an amazing job at gathering the audience’s attention in this video. It’s because he is so positive. You can not walk into a classroom, no matter how bad your day may be, and bring in a negative attitude. If you do that, the class is not going to hear anything that you will say.
        All in all, this man has given me amazing tips. Even though it wasn’t a video on how to teach, or how to be a better teacher, it gives you lessons to learn. No matter what, allow your students to believe in themselves. Pausch believed in everything he did. He inspired others, he let his students inspire him to teach different assignments, and he learned from them as well. That’s how I want to be. To teach, and be taught is amazing. Achieving your childhood dreams isn’t about just doing it to do it. It’s about doing it with you whole heart, believing in it, and fulfilling them as a whole. If you would like to watch this inspirational video, you can find it here.

 randy pausch

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Project 9a

Holocaust Timeline

C4K #1, #2

                                 Summarization of Faith's latest post
         Faith's first post that I commented on was about her classroom game she played on Monday. It was called blindfold experience. Faith said that you have a partner and get blindfolded. The next thing you have to do is have your partner guide you past tackling bags, and up a stage. She said it was very scary and she was glad she had a partner. Faith explained how much fun Room 14 had with friends and teachers. If you would like to check out Faith's game feel free too!

  My comment on Faith's latest post
      I really enjoyed reading Faith's game. She seems like a very fun, outgoing, carefree child. I commented on her post by letting her know who I was and what college I attended. I told Faith that I was intrigued by her game. I am very excited to get ot know Faith more and hear her stories.

                                          Collect $2.00
    Mr. Capps post was about teaching the students about money. The students rolled a pair of die to collect their amount of money. Then they had to convert the change into bills. First student to collect $2.00 won. The students were allowed to help each other out.

My comment on Mr. Capps post
    I throughly enjoyed this blog. I liked how the students were interacting with one another. I also liked how much the students had to value the money that they were given. Very good learning skill.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

This is my Sentence

This is My Sentence

Blog Post #5

                                               The iSchool Initiative
      In Travis Allen's Video The iSchool Initiative, Travis puts up a amazing reflection on how the classroom would be with an iTouch instead of normal classroom materials. Travis said that with budget cuts, teacher cuts, and larger classes, that it would be less money to look towards technology. He stated that there are many apps on the iTouch that would require the schools to have no paper, no pencils, as well as no books. But, I see a few ways that this could go wrong.
      What would happen if the student broke the device? The iTouch device's are glass in the front, so very easily could they be dropped and shattered. What if in the middle of an assignment the data on the iTouch decided to crash? Just like any other technological system, they freeze or sometimes data can be lost. I understand Travis Allen's point that if we switched to these devices instead of normal materials, that we would save 600 dollars per student. But, if every student, or lets just say half of the students break or harm the tool, that all adds up to about the same amount of money that was saved. I see his point, but you cant help but question it at the same time.

                               Jennifer Chambers post/ Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
       I was very inspired when I watched Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir video. Just to know that all of those singers have never met, or performed together amazed me. I am a huge fan of music, so to see all of that put together blew me away. It's cool to think that every part of that came from people all around the world, and how much time it must have taken to place it just right. Awesome video.
 virtual choir

                                         Teaching the 21st Century Students
       In Kevin Roberts video on Teaching the 21st Century Students, he goes into great detail about how technolgy is pretty much taking over the classroom. He stated that we arer no longer the teachers, but we are the filter. He also asked a very good question about tecahing that made me think. He said should we teach facts and content, or skills. Students these days are getting more technologically advanced more and more each day. This will affect me as a teacher in several ways. It will force me to also become more advanced in technology to be able to collaborate with my students. It will force me to look deeper and learn more about the individual students instead of a whole. It will also teach me alot about myself. I liked when Robets talked about the difference in creation today. He is right in many ways. We, as teachers, need to rethink the tools we will use to be the filter for our students needs. Very interesting video.
                                                     Flipping the CLassroom
     I watched a few videos about "Flipping the Classroom." The most interesting one to me was Katie Gimbars's video. I liked how she explained the different groups of her classroom. I do agree that with video lecturs, that there will be more time in the classroom spent on application instead of delivery. But, it's kind of tricky situation for me to grasp. After student get home from school, there are tons of things that they want to do, the last thing involving school. If they are younger kids who cant drive and parents have stuff to do in the afternoon, how will they make time to watch the videos? What if the students forget? Or, what if they simply just don't do it? I like the idea, really I do, but I have many doubts about it and I think I may would try it as a few assignments, but definitely not all the time.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Post #4

Langwitches Blogs
          In Langwitches first page titled "First Graders Read Thier Own Read-Along Audiobook", I learned quite a lot. I absolutely loved the fact that when the book went to the next chapter, it made a noise so that the children could keep up. Thats a vert good technique to use. It keeps the children quite entertained and up to date on whats going on.
         In Joe Dale's video on the benifits of podcast in the classroom, it gave many tips that are useful. This Video on the page explains alot to me. My favorite thing he said was that the parents can listen and see what their children are doing. I think it is very important for parents to keep a rols in their child education. I also agreee when it talks about promoting innovation and creativity. I believe these days children are having a hard time with creativity because of the technology that does it for them. This way the child has to do it on their own. very good Video. I liked it a lot.
          The last page I am going to talk about is Lanwitches page on podcasting with 1st graders. I absolutely loved how enthusiastic the first graders were to have an audiance. One thing chioldren like is attention, so when it is given to them, they will listen. They want to learn more eagerly and more excited to do the things they are told. Through this page I also learned of the many skills that podcasting teachers younger children. There are lots of skills involved with this. I am very interested in learning more.

Project # 5 Presentation

Thursday, September 20, 2012

C4T #1

Summarization of Annie Palmer's blog
         Annie Palmer posted a blog called " A Better Workshop: Jim Knight's Partnership Approch". This blog went into detail about how important checklists are to the teaching coach and how Jim Knight used seven principles on workshops. Annie made a checklist and it was very deatiled. She gave the audiance many options and even better ways to get people to not be distracted and to talk just as much as they may need to listen. she explains the importance on checklists and how it gets the jobs done and how it fits for goals to be accpomplished.

My comment on Annie Palmer's blog
       I throughly enjoyed Annies post. She went into great deatil and gave me mnay ideas on how to use a checklist and also how to give a crisp presentation. I liked the seven princlples that Jim Knight shared as well. If antyone would like to check it out, its great advice and lots of help.

Summarization of Annie Palmer's Blog #2
     Annie Palmer posted a blog about her first year as a third grade teacher dealing with small math groups. This blog went into detail about how Annie struggled with meeting the needs of students with math, so she wanted to introduce small- group instruction. She separated her students into three groups. One group worked with her doing mini- lessons, one group did independent practice, and the last group would do math games that practiced with math skills.
     At the end of the year only two students said that they wouldn't want to do small groups again. Annie then decided that she liked the small groups, because of the amount of students enjoyed them, and that she would never do whole group math again. Another thing Annie said in this post is how excited she was for her first year as a third grade teacher. Its nice to see a teacher so excited about her job.

My Comment on Annie Palmer's Blog #2
       This post was my favorite post of Annie's that I have yet to read. The way she sounded so excited about her job, and being with her kids as her first year with them really made me happy. It makes me think that I can finish school and really become what I want! I love the idea of the three small groups. The teacher, as well as the students, get more involved and more excited to learn. I struggle with math myself, so it really gives me insight on how to overcome my fear of having to teach any form of math. This post got me excited and an extra boost of energy to complete the tasks that I have in front of me.

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